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Amazing Flame Effect Candle

Friday, 16 November 2012  |  TJReiki

Scented candles have always been loved in the home, for many reasons. Best scented candles create a warm and comforting environment, their flame is enchanting, and they are practical.

Candlelight gives of the most wonderful glow, and brings calmness to any environment.

However, there are some places and situations where scented candles UK would just not be safe to use. Such as places where there are children and pets, windowsills, where a curtain may catch alight, in caravans, unattended areas etc.


Stay Safe using Fireless Candles

There have been various attempts at creating an artificial candle, with an artificial "flame" - but these have, in my opinion been very poor - and certainly they are no competition for the real thing. The lifelike flame, has been anything but lifelike. UNTIL NOW that is.......

I have always been a candle lover, and until now, if I couldn't have a real candle burning, I would prefer to have nothing at all in its place.  However, this is now, no longer the case.

Luminara have created a unique "flame effect" candle, that is remarkably life like. In fact, so much so, that from short distances it is virtually impossible to differentiate between this and the real thing.

The very latest technology and creative thinking has resulted in an astonishing product that really has to be seen to be believed.

CLICK HERE to see a recent press release to whet your appetite.

To see these amazing candles in action, watch this short video clip.


Fascinating Safe Candles

The Luminara candles are amazing to look at, even when not in use.  Made from real wax, they look like your regular part used pillar candle.  They are battery operated, and batteries are included with each candle.  They have a unique automatic timer function that will switch the candle on for 5 hours, and then they turn off, only to "re-light" 19 hours later for a further 5 hours.  (This means that they will turn on at the same time every day)

If you don't want to use the timer function, then you can simply turn them on and off as you wish.

They are available in different sizes and several colours at the moment, and soon to be added is a remote control feature also.  There are also plans to introduce a vanilla scent to them.

These candles really are taking the World by storm, and will, due to their life like qualities continue to grow in popularity...not as a complete replacement for the normal candles, but as a safe alternative, where it wouldn't be wise to place a naked flame,

You can view and purchase one of the Luminara Scented Candles here at TJReiki! 

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