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Cesare Car Air Freshener Has Arrived

Sunday, 23 August 2015  |  TJReiki

Say Hello to Mr & Mrs Car Air Freshener

Cesare Mr & Mrs Car Air Freshener

Cesare is a car air freshener with a difference. He is made of EVA, a thermoplastic and non-toxic polymer.
Cesare car air freshener contains essential oils and an aggressive molecule long lasting against unpleasant odours, he is made in Italy and is 100% alcohol free.

Cesare car air freshener is a small imaginary character who keeps us company throughout the day, and whose shape and fragrance are guaranteed to put us in a good mood.  His smooth shape allows him to fit everywhere in complete harmony and balance, releasing his fragrance uniformly into your car for long lasting freshness.

We have 12 luscious Cesare fragrances at the moment, and will be adding more to this collection.


How to install Cesare in your car

Cesare is easy to use. Simply take him out of the box, and place him arms first into your car vent, he will hug the vent, and instantly fragrance your car.  This is a high quality product, with carefully crafted fragrances which are complex in nature, and designed by master perfumers. This is no "ordinary" car air freshener.

We are sure you will love having Cesare car air freshener on your travels with you - everyone who has bought him, absolutely love him. CLICK ON HIS PICTURE BELOW, and you will be taken to his page.


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Cesare Mr & Mrs Car Air Freshener Cesare Mr & Mrs Car Air Freshener Cesare Mr & Mrs Car Air Freshener Cesare Mr & Mrs Car Air Freshener