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Choosing the right Car Air Freshener

Friday, 9 October 2015  |  TJReiki

Car air fresheners - which to choose?

We are often asked which car air freshener is the best?  It’s a difficult one to answer, because, it depends on what your view of "the best" is?

The best could mean:

The best smell
The nicest looking
The longest lasting
The most environmentally friendly
The best colour

We thought it may be helpful to tell you a little about each of the car air fresheners that we offer here at TJReiki. But, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly come back to you with our thoughts.


Mr & Mrs Cesare

Made in Italy, these creative & novel car air fresheners bring a sense of fun to your car journey. They are shaped like little imaginary characters.  
Colour:              Available in 12 colours
Fragrances:      12 Fragrances - Several Essential Oils make up the fragrance of each Cesare
Lasts for:           Up to 6 weeks
Made from:      EVA - (EthyleneVinyl Acetate) - A non-toxic elastic polymer material, similar to rubber. Resistant to cracks and colour doesn't fade with sunlight and is flexible.
Ease of use:      Simply place on a car vent – Cesare arms fit to most vents.


Yankee Candle Ultimate Car Jar 

A modern looking 3D dimension Yankee Candle Jar. Car jar is see-through, so that you can see the colour of the gel. The fragrance of which replicates the candle.
Colour:            Available in 12 colours
Fragrances:    12 Fragrances    - Yankee Candle favourites.   
Lasts for:         3 weeks to 30 days. (when gel shrinks below the label, it’s time to replace)    
Made from:    Plastic, with fragranced gel inside.  
Ease of use:     Simply hang with the attached elastic loop


Yankee Candle Car Jar
A cardboard single dimension Yankee Candle jar shape, impregnated with Yankee Candle Fragrance
Colour:            Many
Fragrance:      Many - based on the traditional Yankee Candle scents (singles or packs of mixed)
Lasts for:         Up to 4 weeks (based on how you hang)
Made from:    Cardboard     
Ease of use:    Hang with elastic loop.  To make the fragrance last longer, do not remove the entire plastic cover, as fragrance dissipates, remove more he cover.


Yankee Candle Vent Sticks
A peg like air freshener that slides into your car vent, with a yankee candle jar shape on view.
Colour:            Available in 6 colours
Fragrance:      6 fragrances - Yankee Candle favourites
Lasts for:         Up to 2 weeks
Made from:    Plastic, with fragrance impregnated gel
Ease of use:    Slide into car vent, leaving Jar tip on view


MadebyZen Aroma Stone
A decorative ornate ceramic porous disc
Colour:            White
Fragrance:      Unscented - use your own fragrance oils
Lasts for:         Add fragrance oil regularly
Made from:    Ceramic porous material
Ease of use:    Hang using the decorative swash.  Place a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil onto the stone and refresh as often as you like.


We hope that by giving this little descriptive about each car air freshener we stock will help you to decide on the best type for you.  As said earlier - if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us, using our contact us form, replying directly to this blog, or by e-mail to