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New - iPad Smart Covers

Sunday, 31 March 2013  |  TJReiki

Apple iPad smart covers

iPad Covers with Pet Rock StarsiPad Covers with Pet Rock StarsiPad Covers with Pet Rock Stars

We are delighted that we have finally brought you fantastic range of fun and crazy Smart Covers for the iPad 2, 3 & 4!

They are made by Takkoda, a company who already supply us with some great mugs, cards and coasters – so we know what the quality of their products are like.

Smart iPad Covers simply snap onto the front of your iPad with strong magnets (the covers won’t fall off), and when you close the cover down, it puts your iPad to sleep - Open it up, and your iPad instantly wakes up.

Takkoda are famous for their "Animals with attitude & Pets Rock" ranges. They use animal pictures, and then very cleverly digitally enhance them, adding additional extras to create their interpretation of celebrities.  

Be one of the first to get these Pets Rock iPad Covers, as they are very new to the market, so, not many people have them yet.  They will certainly be a talking point, and get you and your iPad noticed. 

Take a look at the six designs we have, and buy your Pets Rock iPad Cover now!

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Have fun!