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Welcome to TJ Reiki  


TJReiki supplies some of the best scented candles and Aroma Diffusers for your home and car.  Scented candles within the UK are not only very popular, but, extremely  effective in fragrancing your living space.However, Candles aren't always suitable for some environments, and that why we offer alternative Fragrance solutions, such as the Amazing Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers from MadebyZen.

Aroma diffusers & Reed diffusers are very versatile and can be situated in almost any  area within your home. Fragranced oils are excellent for filling your living space with your favourite scents. Another home fragrance option is to hang an Air Freshener in your wardrobe and other little spaces like toilets, utility rooms etc.

As well as fragrancing your home, it’s always nice to have a car air freshener with you on your daily commute. Fragrances are a wonderful way to lift your mood and awaken your senses. So, whatever your preference, TJReiki has a Car & Home fragrance solution for you.

Best Scented Candles

All of our best scented candles and car fragrance products are genuine, high quality and highly effective, so you can be buy from TJReiki with total confidence.  We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional customer experience and hope that you will join our family of happy customers.

Try the TJReiki experience for yourself now - we are sure you won't regret it!

We are a small family run business, and our connected businesses include the following:

 Our very own brand Grain Free Pet Food & Pet Accessories

Featured Products
Yankee Candle  Autumn Nights Large Housewarmer Jar

Yankee Candle Autumn Nights Large Housewarmer Jar£23.99   £21.99

Autumn Nights - The autumn evening invites with brisk earthiness and dreamy interludes of lavender and woodland notes.

Housewarmer jars are the most popular range from Yankee Candle, in the classic shaped jars.  These long burning candles represent great value for money 

WoodWick GOLDEN SANDS Candle Shade (Large)

WoodWick GOLDEN SANDS Candle Shade (Large)£13.99

Golden, light reflecting mosaic makes this shade an ideal accompaniment to your favourite jar candle

This WoodWick Candle Shade adds a touch of elegance to your WoodWick Candle Jar or The Yankee Candle Medium & Large Jars

MadebyZen PEBBLE Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

MadebyZen PEBBLE Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser£49.99   £44.99

Watch a short video of the MadeByZen Aroma Diffusers HERE 

Madebyzen Pebble Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Prepare to immerse yourself into a World of ultimate relaxation, enriched with fine fragrance and luxuriously illuminated...

Imagine a warm secluded beach and clear waves lapping onto the shore.  A cool, lightly scented breeze drifts through the air, whilst the sun creates an explosion of colour on the waters surface, the calmness creates ultimate relaxation.
It is believed that including Zen elements, such as pebbles into your living space may help to achieve a tranquil & calming environment.... Let us introduce you to the madebyzen Pebble Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Yankee White Gardenia Wax Tart

Yankee White Gardenia Wax Tart£1.49   £1.50


A captivating scent with the beauty of lush white gardenias in full bloom

Wax tarts are the simplest form of Yankee Candle fragrance, inexpensive, easy to use, no wick, and long lasting

They are very versatile and quickly fragrance any room in your home, with little effort