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MadebyZen ALINA Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

MadebyZen ALINA Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser£40.99  -  £42.99

MadebyZen ALINA Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser - New for 2018

Available in two wonderful colours - White or The Limited Edition Grey

Every culture has its own festive traditions, most of which feature light and fragrance. In the east, rituals are performed that involve beautiful lanterns which are set aglow as symbols of hope and to signify the victory of good over evil. The lanterns are symbolic of the release of worries and serve as instruments for sending wishes and prayers towards heaven. Adding fragrance, intensifies the ritual and creates a memorable experience.

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Aquiesse - Luxe Linen Scented Candle

Aquiesse - Luxe Linen Scented Candle£22.99   £19.99

LUXE LINEN - Fresh Clean blend of warm Linen, Herbal Tea & Smooth Sandalwood

Inspired by natures bounty and beautifully blended by master perfumers to create this wonderful Clean fresh fragrance

Pets Rock Rock Happy Birthday card

Pets Rock Rock Happy Birthday card£2.05

 Pets Rock Rock Happy Birthday card

A birthday card with a difference - 

Sure to have your friends crying with laughter.

WoodWick Large Jar - Biscotti Scented Candle

WoodWick Large Jar - Biscotti Scented Candle£22.99   £19.99

BISCOTTI - Heavenly aroma of sweet toasted cookies with a hint of rich vanilla icing

22oz large long burning fragranced candle, exceptional value with a burning time of up to 180 hours.

Sarah Warren Card - Blossom Tree

Sarah Warren Card - Blossom Tree£2.10


Blossom Tree

The card is blank inside, allowing you to write your own message.  Suitable for any occasion

Simple, yet elegant - beautiful blossom trees swaying in the wind.  Glittery embellishments throughout make  - from the Crystal range.

The images do not do this design justice - as it is much brighter, colourful and delightful than we can portray

Flittered, Foiled & Embossed.