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Brand:  Lily Flame
Fragrance:  Daffodils & Dandelions



Candle Refillable Gas LighterCandle Refillable Gas Lighter

Lily Flame

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DAFFODILS & DANDELIONS - Springtimes favourite flowers - a weed is just a flower in the wrong location.  This scent is really worth trying, if you can avert your eyes from the garish yellow & green, super sunny labelling!  The scent is one of the best floral varieties;

Lily-Flame candles are created & manufactured in Britain - Somerset to be precise.  They have been making these delightful candles for 21 years!

Each candle gives a wonderful throw of scent into your living space, and as soon as you open the tine, you will get an instant yummy scent hit! The second thing you notice when you open the tine, is the beautiful coloured wax chunks that adorn the top of the candle.

Lily flame is officially Britain's No:1 Favourite Scented candle maker.  There are people out there trying to imitate these candles, BUT no one else has managed to replicate the magical combination of yummy scents, bold designs and smile inducing names that make it a Lily-Flame candle. In fact, it was Lily-Flame that created the iconic candle tin all those years ago, that has now become the industry standard tin for candle manufacturers!

Burn Time: Up to 35 hours.

Dimensions 7.7 x 6.6cm

Important directions to get the best burn from your Lily-Flame Candle:

*Place the tin on a heat resistant surface. 
*In order to avoid an enlarged or smoking wick, please keep it trimmed to 5mm
*Blow the candle out and do not re-light when only 5mm of wax remains.  (You can of course take the precious wax out of the tine and place it into a suitable wax tart burner, to          get even more gorgeous scented hours!
*Keep the candle away from draughts and anything that may catch fire.  
*The tin may become very hot during use - do not try and pick up the tin whilst the flame is burning, of the wax is melted.
*Never leave a burning candle unattended
*When you light the candle, always ensure that you have time for the wax to melt all the way around the tin (approx 3 hours) before blowing it out - If you do not do this, your candle may tunnel when next lit - and you don't want to waste this yummy candle, do you? (It is normal for some wax residue to be left on the inside of the tin wall)

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