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What to expect from my treatment with TJReiki?

Whatever treatment you are coming for, you are assured of a very warm welcome, and a professional treatment carried out in our home based dedicated treatment room, equipped with professional salon equipment and top quality products.  You will be treated with respect & dignity, and your confidentiality will be assured at all times.

Your very first visit will involve completing a treatment pro-forma, this is to ensure that you are fit and healthy to receive the treatment, and that any questions can be answered before treatment commences.

The proposed treatment will then be explained to you, and again, give you an opportunity to ask any questions.  You will then be given privacy to undress/change where appropriate.

Your therapist is Mr Terry Quinn, who is fully qualified and insured in all the treatments on offer, with many years experience.

Below is a brief description/overview of our current treatments and what you can expect:


You remain fully clothed, and lay on our heated treatment couch. What you experience from your Reiki session  varies enormously between individuals, and is dependant upon many factors. Whilst it is not possible to say exactly what YOU will experience during a treatment, I can tell you what others have experienced. It is important to remember that you may experience some, or all of the following, or may simply experience deep relaxation. HOWEVER, you will have received some form of benefit from the treatment that is for certain.

Deep Relaxation
Seeing Colours.
Sensation of heat or coolness from the Practitioners Hands.
Emotional Experiences.
Physical Feelings.

Swedish Body Massage

This is a truly amazing relaxing and pampering treatment. Allowing you to totally de-stress and re-energise. Depending upon your requirements at the time of your massage, a number of different massage strokes and techniques will be deployed. Firm, deep pressure can be applied, intermingled with long, sweeping, soft movements to give you that all round feeling of well being and total relaxation.  Top quality, warmed massage oils will be used to pamper your body from top to toe.  The benefits of regular massage are huge:

Deal with general aches and pains

Detox your body

Improve blood circulation

Aid to relaxed and restful sleep

Rejuvenate tired muscles

Instill a feeling of calmness and total relaxation 

You will be allowed a little private time after your massage to bring yourself around, and get dressed 


We offer several different facials - dependant upon your needs, and of course the time you have available

Express Facials cover the basic, Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise that should be part of your daily routine, but which often is neglected.  This restores a healthy glow to your skin, and adds the much needed hydration. A pampering treatment in itself, and one that will suit those in a hurry, but want to make an overall improvement to their skin

ENVIRON DF Ionzyme Facial

This facial is the ultimate in rejuvenating your skin, and in helping to defy the effects of todays lifestyle, and the natural ageing process.  It utilises the exceptional ENVIRON skincare range, and together with patented Iontopheresis (using a controlled electric current) & Sonophoresis (Using Ultrasound) produces the most amazing results.  The treatment is a progressive treatment, so, each subsequent facial complements the previous one, and the strength of the natural vitamin potency increases, as your skin becomes accustomed to the products. Deals with fine lines & wrinkles, pitted skin, uneven tone & texture, sun damaged & aged skin and many more problems.  The treatment is for 90 minutes per session, and the results are excellent.

Manicures & Pedicures

We too often forget about our hands and feet, despite them being in constant use, and being exposed to all kinds of environments!  Our range of Manicure & Pedicure treatments help to keep those hands and feet looking and feeling great.  Re-introducing moisture, banishing unsightly hard skin, keeping nails looking neat and tidy.

If you have any questions at all about our signature treatments, then please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss them with you 

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Water Garden - tranquil scents of a beautiful water garden in this blend of soft violet leaves, cool water and soothing lavender.

Highly Fragranced wax melts for use in an oil burner, or Tart Burner 

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The Marina Colour Changing Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser from Madebyzen is absolutely stunning

This aroma diffuser can be used in several different modes:

  • With the light & No mist - Purely as a mood light
  • With the Mist, but NO light - ideal at bedtime, so, you continue to be surrounded in your favourite scent, but, not disturbed by the light

A revolutionary way to fragrance your home:

  • No naked flames or harmful smoke
  • Requires NO heat source
  • Auto shut off safety feature
  • Mini Humidifier
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  • Stylish patented British Design
  • Mood lamp