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WoodWick Water Garden Wax Melts

WoodWick Water Garden Wax Melts
Our Price:  £1.50

Brand:  Woodwick
Fragrance:  Water Garden



Up to 20 hours powerful fragrancing from each wax melt pack. Please note the price is for one pack, not the box of 27 packs

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Water Garden - tranquil scents of a beautiful water garden in this blend of soft violet leaves, cool water and soothing lavender.

WoodWick wax melts are highly fragranced wax tablets

Great scents, with no wick, they deliver fantastic fragrance power for up to 10 hours (Each pack contains FOUR wax melts ) 

Simply place one or two of the wax melt squares  into one of our tart burners (NEVER add water), and place a lighted TeaLight underneath.

As the wax  begins to melt, it will release the fantastic WoodWick candle fragrance into your room  in no time at all, and keep on doing so for up to 10 hours - Thats up to 20 hours Fragrancing from one pack

The fragrance is released much quicker than by burning a candle, so, if you need a quick burst of fantastic fragrance, this is the product for you.

Try combining several different wax melts into the one tart burner to create your own unique fragrance

The wax, once melted WILL NOT disappear, even when the fragrance has gone.  

To remove a used wax melt from your tart burner, simply allow it to solidify, and "pop" it out 

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